Couples Who Play Together, Stay Together

Relationships face all kinds of challenges on a daily basis—financially, emotionally, and professionally. Being supportive of your spouse through challenges applies to both the times spent in the rough and the times spent on the green. Whether your spouse is trying to score a birdie on a Par 3 or learning how to simply “hit it straight," challenges forge a pathway toward achievement. Through support and being their No. 1 fan (and with a little help from our Golf School instructors), your spouse will be well on their way to a “hole in one.”
Be honest: was there ever a moment when you didn’t experience personal satisfaction in someone telling you, “Good work,” or “Awesome job?” It’s amazing how far a simple word of encouragement can go, and the same applies in relationships. When your spouse scores the birdie on the Par 3 or finally “hits it straight,” be sure to let them know how great they did. No one likes to work hard for something they don’t get recognized for—especially women!
One of the most common misconceptions about golf is that it can be boring, especially for those who are beginners to the game, when in reality, golf can be a very FUN sport! By creating simple 1 on 1 competitions with your spouse, like “Closest to the Pin” on a Par 3 or “Trouble,” in which the goal is to avoid the bunkers at hazards, the opportunities for laughter and good memories are endless. Having fun with your significant other is one of the most important fundamentals of any relationship and a full-proof path to happiness.

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