Key characteristics to thrive...

Key characteristics to thrive...

Key characteristics to thrive...

Posted April 18, 2024

Ever wonder why some golf schools only last a couple of years while others continue to have a strong and thriving business regardless of setbacks and spiraling business trends?

America's Golf Schools has been empowering golf school vacation success for 35 years and we have been able to find some of the key characteristics shared by the most resilient ones.

We teach people, not systems. There are no two golfers exactly alike; nor is one method of golf instruction equally effective for all types of players. That’s why at America's Golf Schools, you are taught according to your unique physical characteristics and capabilities. You will learn to complement your strengths and concentrate on those aspects which need the most improvement. In an uncomplicated manner, we will help you understand the basic golf swing fundamentals and components of proper golf swing made for your body type.

Using high-speed video equipment, we will help you develop a more consistent golf swing that works with every club in your bag. You’ll learn self-analysis and the proper way to practice. We will help you understand the process of learning and applying repeatable simple motor skills to your golf swing. By attending one of the Golf Schools, you can achieve an understanding of the correct golf swing fundamentals and ultimately maintain these correct concepts for the rest of you're golfing life.

All America's Golf Schools programs believe it is vital to spend time learning the game where it is played, on the golf course. We teach the entire game, not just the golf swing. This is why all of our golf school each afternoon is spent with on-course golf instruction learning sound fundamentals. You’ll learn from situations that can’t be taught on the range or in a classroom.

All America's Golf Schools teaching professionals are PGA, LPGA & PGTCA instructors having a minimum 15 years experience (most 20 to 25)in their ability to improve your game in all facets.

We are here to help and provide you with excellent service!

Booking a golf school vacation during these uncertain times should be stress-free, quick, easy, and affordable. Not along with clients feeling safe to travel. Our 35-year track record of excellence makes choosing a golf school easier than ever. We provide a wide range of programs and packages, personalized golf schools, and 247 Travel Butler. We are here to help you with your travel requests and needs!

We offer a same-day price comparison pledge on golf school packages, flights, accommodation, rental vehicles, and any activities required to your visit. Should you come across a similar golf school program for a lower fee, we will refund 150 percent of the difference in Golf Schools Bucks. If you find the same flight, rental vehicle, or accommodation for less, we will also refund 150 percent of the difference in Golf Schools Travel Bucks.

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